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No one comes up here,, rarely my oldest daughter rarely as in approx.
every 3 months
yes I had my pain meds in my purse and the only person besides my
Mother near was my son-in-law, Shane who has history of stealing, as
he stole checks from my mom and made them out to him he got around
$300 I pushed my Mom to press charges she refused, we had his
signature and pic of him at her bank cashing it & he's doing it again


OK, if it's only your SIL who could do it, why would you EVER allow a known thief in your home? And if the meds were in your purse, why wasn't that purse GLUED to you? Putting meds in there and not keeping it attached to you is pointless! Just how did he get them out of your purse? Makes NO SENSE! If they were in your purse, why would you walk away and leave it so he could look in there? Makes NO SENSE! And if you didn't walk away and leave it for him to go thru, he COULDNT get your meds! Makes NO SENSE.

Can you see why you aren't beleived? None of what you say makes ANY SENSE!


Do you even care? have you ever lived w/clincal depression and none
of the meds work, I have a family history of it's very hard
for me to read your post why did you type this way?


ARE YOU KIDDING??????????????????????? Most of us suffer from SEVERE depression! I've tried a multitude of antidepressants....none work. You see me bitch about it constantly? Or at all? I accept that a certain amount of depression is par for the course with being housebound with chronic pain issues. Aside from fibro and little things like tennis elbow, I don't post my main reason for having chronic pain here. It's intensely personal info IMHO, plus trying to one up someone by telling them "have you ever lived with ______?" here is just plain OFFENSIVE, Lynn. You don't KNOW what a lot of us are living with, because unlike you, we don't paint it on our chest when we go outside, or use it like a sword here in this ng. Just cuz someone doesn't post about what is causing their chronic pain doesn't mean that it's not some serious pain that you'd never survive!

Case in point: when you complain about losing meds, you talk about not wanting to go into withdrawls. You talk about not being able to clean your place. But NOT ONCE have I heard you complain that you cannot COPE with the pain you'll face, not from withdrawls, but from your condition/s being unmedicated. I promise you that if your pain were as crippling as I know it is for many here, you would guard your meds like a rabid dog and either having them never leave your grasp or being left alone in a room with ANYONE, whether in a purse or in a safe. I would take the meds w/me in a fanny pack if i had to leave, so anyone who was unwanted would find nothing. But I digress. I already covered this is my response a few paragraphs up where I keep typing "makes NO SENSE."

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