Re: I'm Pretty Disgusted

O geeez
We ARE here for you! U haven't done anything wrong...u r just
undertreated (as are most cpp, imo) & RSD as any of us who have it
KNOW it's a hard monster to try to tame. sigh. U need a new doc,
obviously!!! Along w/the suggestions (((H. Wayne))) reminded u of,
there is the co-cure good dr site where I found my wonderful doc. Pick your state & city & make
some calls. To save u time, here's what I copied for the Houston

"Houston, TX
Head to Foot, LLC
Stuart C. Marmorstein, D.C., Managing Director
3730 Kirby Drive, Suite 1200
Houston, TX 77098
Tel: 713-831-6875
Fax: (775) 254-2757
Web Site:
(FMS. "Read a husband's detailed testimonial of his wife's success in
curing her fibromyalgia with Dr. Marmorstein's help Here.")

Joel S. Hochman, M.D.
1111 Heights Blvd
Houston, TX 77008
Tel: (713) 862-9332
("Dr.Hochman is a very reliable and comforting man. He understands the
pain that we have and believes we should not have to live in pain. He
is a good pain doctor.")

Arlette Pharo, D.O.
427 W. 20th Street - Suite 602
Houston, TX 77008
Tel: (713) 802-1177
E-Mail: mydoc AT
("I have had CFIDS and Fibromyalgia for the past 7 years. Dr. Pharo
has been my physician for 3 of those years. She is a Family Practice
physician treating many AIDS and CFIDS patients and is a regular
speaker at the Houston CFIDS Support group.
"She believes in combining traditional western medicine with
alternative healing methods, is very compasionate and caring and
regularly attends meetings and conferences involving CFIDS.")

Patricia D.Salvato, M.D.
4126 SouthWest Freeway, Suite 1700
Houston, TX 77027
Tel: (713) 961-7100
("She is a well known and respected doctor trained in Internal
Medicine and specializes in CFIDS and AIDS")"

I hope u can get in to see one of these docs asap!!! I had to wait
quite awhile but it was worth it to have such a great doc in the Sea.,
Wa area!!!
Tho these docs are patient-referred, that doesn't necessarily mean
they will be good for You, just have been good for others & then we
can get into what "good" means to ppl, lol!!! I did go to one co-cure
list doc who was Terrible & didn't believe in meds for pain...she
wouldn't give me a telephone "audition" & I wasn't too keen about that
but it was a hint of what she was about, $$$ & no risk (ie: rx'ing
pain meds). But everyone I've referred to the cocure list has ended
up w/a decent doc & are happy & we're talkin' from NYC to Sea,Wa. so I
trust the list.
I hope u hang in there gf, I "feel" for ya (literally, as we both have
RSD) & my heart goes out to you.
Wishing u have a break from the flare (or worsening of rsd....wishing
for it to stop hurting u ),

On Nov 1, 3:21 pm, "CatNipped" <CatNip...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
With myself.  I tried to get my PM doctor to prescribe me some stronger or
at least different meds that might help the extra pain I've been having
(think someone holding a lit torch to your skin from your right shoulder to
your right knee).  He didn't even listen to that part of our "talk" - here
is a copy of a post I wrote right after my visit:


I actually saw my PM doctor today instead of his PA.  The visit went like

PMD:  How are you today?

Me:  Well my pain has gotten worse, I'm now feeling an intense burning all
down my right side.

PMD: (ignoring what I just said as he flipped through my chart) It says you
saw an orthopedist and have a tear in your rotator cuff.  You need to go get
surgery for that.

Me:  Well, he gave me PT for that, but the more I did the PT the more I

PMD:  Then go have the surgery.

Me:  What about the burning pain I'm feeling on my skin on the right side.

PMD:  Go have an MRI on your lower back - it's probably a pinched nerve..

Me:  But the pain is on my skin and it goes from my shoulder all the way
down the outside of my right leg.

PMD:  Yeah, a pinched nerve can cause that (speaking in a tone of voice that
implied that I was a complete idiot).

Me:  Well, since my pain is so much worse, can we talk about increasing my
pain medication just a bit?

PMD:  *NO*  You're on the most pain medicine that you can be on.  Go and
wait in the waiting room for your prescriptions.

And he turned around and walked out the door without saying another word!!!

Here, this is my DH, who was in the office with me - dear, please tell the
group if this is what happened from your point of view:


That's pretty much it word for word, the a-hole wasn't in the room  for 2
minutes total. And he gave ME a look like
"why is she talking to me?"...



So I've been trying my damnedest to stay at only 8 of the Oxycodine per day
as prescribed, but I've had three slips on three days when I've taken one
extra when the pain got really bad to overwhelming.  I don't want to run out
of anything before my next appointment - but I'm really hoping to find
another doctor between now and then so that there won't *BE* another
appointment with this @$$hole.  However, I know that might not happen so I'm
not going to let myself run out of my meds.

But, as for the Fentanyl when I change the patch after two days, I don't
take off the other one right away, I'm just overlapping them.  I really
don't know how much of the medication I'm getting this way (although, before
this, the one patch at the end of the second day was having *NO* effect on
my pain at all so I'm thinking they may be absorbed too fast when they're
first applied (with RSD you don't really know when or where you're going to
have your next "hot spot" of "cold spot" - maybe it's the temperature of my
body causing the early release.

OK, so go ahead and yell, I deserve it - I just don't know what to do when
the pain gets so bad that I can't even eat or drink anything because of it.
In the last 3 or 4 months I've lost 30 pounds!  I really can't afford to
lose any more weight - I'm 5' and 5.5" tall and I only weigh 125 pounds.  If
I lose any more weight I'm going to put my already illness-ridden body in
even more jeopardy.

I guess I'm not really asking for any advice, and there's nothing that any
of you can do to help with my pain, and you can't say any bad things to me
that I haven't already said to myself.  I guess I just needed a place to be
honest and just let it all out instead of bottling it all inside.  So thanks
for being here for me.