Re: Coupla Distractions...

<Dr.Smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
OK, these are (selfishly) to help me keep distracted and cope with
some pretty bad BT (2nd day...)

1. What kinds of quilts do CP sufferers like? (Yeah, I design quilts
on a special software pkg. - keeps me busy and involved when I can't
do anything physical - I don't sew 'em. I was a designer, and
designing is designing.)

2. I think we need a term for ourselves - Chronic Pain "Patients" and
"Sufferers" may be accurate, but they seem too close to "Vctim" and
IMHO we need a term of empowerment. "Painees/Painies"? Too trite?
Yeah, one looks like "panties" and they both sound like pains in the

Oh, the pain... THE PAIN...

Also, if you're looking for distraction can a recommend I really lively, fun
newsgroup? is supposed to be for discussions of the
television show "American Idol" - but that's actually the minority of the
posts. Politics gets discussed much more, but they share humor, recipes,
and just pieces of news and gossip among lots of other things. There are,
on average, about 10 posts a minute there (some of the regulars are VERY
prolific). There are the usual number of Kooks and Trolls there - but I'm
sure you know how to spot those.