Diane Koehler wrote on 3/12/2009 :
Tod (dear) (!!!) I hope you soon have warm weather, it is "looking up" around here. But they say next week we will be in the 40s"
May I ask about your pain issues and meds? I had an automobile accident in 1998...with resulting neck and back issues. Had a fusion on my back in 2000 then had a titanium (sp) cage put failed so I chose pain meds and have done quite well until ? it seems I am in pain constantly....I just started to try upping my dose but that doesn't seem to be doing it.
I talked to my doctor last Friday but she did not take me
seriously...she said "You are going to be 80 this year and your trying to tell me you can't do as much as you used too?" And started
laughing..she got me by surprise and I Iaughed too.. .
Then the issue was dropped but next time we will have a serious
discussion...I thought maybe it was just a flare up but it looks like I have a real problem here...and then there is the insurance Co and the Gov...but wish me luck (its happened before and we were able to get me going again with a drug adjustment). Pleas lets cross fingers!! And definitely a pain free day. I loved hear about your trail, next time I'll tell you about mine. Diane

Most of my problems are lower lumbar problems. When I was a young soldier I was a tank and truck mechanic. I weighted all of 120 lbs or there about. I would grab a tool box on one shoulder, a load of parts on the other and away I would go. I always thought why go back and forth for the things I would need when I could make one trip. Often I carried my than my own 120 pounds. I think that started my degenerative disk problems. Later after I had retired from the Army I was at work early one morning, my birthday of all days, and I picked up a box that weighted less than 20 pounds. I must have turned just the wrong because I felt something move and pop in my lower back. I lay on the floor 20 minutes before anyone came along to help me up to a chair. Add too that now spinal stenosis and now arthritus.Long story short, I have more metal in my back than most people have in their car. I have a spinal cord stimulator. I taken kadian, a slow release capsule version of morphine (basically that's what it is). For break through pain I take percoset. I take others for depression related to being disabled but I won't bore you with those.

You mention your age and I have to remember to the dear lady that helped raise me, my grandmother. At 85 she still had a garden large enough to feed a large family for the winter. The one thing that finally got her was asprin. She had taken asprin for years for headaches and arthritus. The doctor said it had eaten through her stomach and left a hole that released her bowel contents into her abdomen.

As for my trail let me add that there are a couple of small ponds aling the way. A small creek that meanders along part of the trail. For a country boy that is heaven.


The advantage of being poor is that a doctor will cure you quicker.