Re: What attire goes with pain.

On Feb 11, 1:11 am, StrangeDiva <stran...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Anymore I live in my UGG's. I love the sandals and the high boot. They
are cushy and warm to boot. My feet get seriously cold all the time. As
for big feet/narrow I call  my DH's feet Ski's. He's got a size 17.5
foot .. finding freaking shoes for him is nearly damn impossible..

Strange humor again... I'm getting a visual of somebody like your DH
with ski feet in a three-legged race with somebody like me with duck
feet (not a term I'm appropriating, BTW - been in the family for 50 of
my years alone... ;-)
I'll leave it to the reader to assign ridiculous height
discrepancies... ;-)

Oh, the pain... THE PAIN...