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"LoriB.o.B." wrote:

Hi (((((all))))!

Hope you are all doin' as well as can be, if not even better!

I have these ?? & new symptoms I can't find info about so thought I'd
throw it out here for
Sooo, here it is (& thanks for all your wonderful info & support
everyone !!)

I have bilateral RSD (feet/legs/starting on knees) & I'm now having
extreme weakness in both the point of it making me wonder if
I'll be able to walk much longer. It also set off an RSD flare that
just doesn't want to stop & my morphine dose isn't covering it at all.
It's a big bummer cuz I had been doing so well, walking at least 2hrs
a day w/the ol' big doggie, Kai (black lab/retriever 7mo old pup w/
waaay too much energy!!). Tho my doc IS truly wonderful & caring &
the MoSt thorough doc I've ever had, & tho he's not shy about using
opioid meds to help me function (180mg per day + 4soma to control the
horrid full-leg charly horses/spasm), he doesn't want to give bt
meds. He wants the daily dose to work thru flares too. He has let me
add an extra 60mg pill when in flare b4 & I also asked for a ketamine
mix creme (which didn't seem to do enuff good to get on top of pain).
Anyhow, I don't know if this (numb finger) stems from my neck (for
which I was supposed to have surg. for many yrs ago but chose not to),
or the fall. I also have cmp/fms/DDD/spinal stenosis throughout entire
spine (incl. neck)/arthritis/etc.) My r. hand little finger is
completely numb as are all my fingers except pointer & numb thumb. R.
hand is also extremely cold & red but not really swollen. L. hand,
little finger is a bit numb but so far that's it. sigh. I'm trying to
figure out if it's my RSD or DDD/spinal stenosis in neck doing this.
I'm pretty sure the numb little finger is due to that nasty fall I had
a few wks ago...because I landed full force on my L. knee (which
actually is ok...just got the MRI & report from my wonderful doc) & on
my palms which at the time set both hands into kind of a shock
(lol!) ...they both went numb for a few minutes. I haven't had any
prob. w/them since the immediate fall so didn't think about it till

Since I'm a professional musician (frailing style banjo), stuff
happening to my hands is extremely disconcerting & scary!!! I'm also
starting to get a bit depressed about it all...argh! Haven't had to
deal w/that for quite awhile!!
Sooo, any ideas :idea: would be gratefully accepted!!!
Thanks in advance & Love & Hugs back, remember to treat ppl the u
would want to be treated (I noticed it's gettin' a bit wild in
temperment here lately (ok, off my soapbox now too! LoL, usually it's
me apologizing for losing My cool!! sorry, just couldn't help myself
cuz there are so many ppl I care deeply about here)

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