Re: neuro-stimulator implant recovery time

Chris!! That AWESOME!!! If you liked it during the trial you will like it now. The surgery and recuperation are really easy, (at least for me and my friends that have had them).

The first time I went for the non-rechargeable too. It's no big deal to switch to the other kind if the need arises. That's what I did because I used it 24/7 at very high power.

Let us know how it goes, OK?


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I'm currently waiting to see my neurosurgeon to setup a date for the
implant, can't wait. Question though for those who have the implant,
what was the length of your hospital stay and if you were working, how
long were you out of work? If the recovery time is extensive I need to
start on my disability paperwork so I can get paid while I'm out of work.


I just found a note I had saved after my perm implant was placed -
here it is for you:

What Can I Expect After Surgery?

Unless otherwise directed by your doctor, follow these guidelines
for the next four to six weeks after your surgery:

* Don’t twist, bend, reach, or otherwise place stress
on the Leads.
* Don’t lift more than five pounds, as this could
cause uncomfortable stimulation.
* Keep the incision site clean and dry, and check regularly
for irritation. Notify your doctor if you develop a fever or
experience increased pain at the incision site.
* Don’t raise your arms above your head.
* Check with your doctor before undergoing any dental or
medical procedure.

Thanks, appreciate it. I went yesterday and saw my surgeon. I'm setup
for 3 Nov for the implant. He said I'll be in the hospital overnight and
then will be out of work for two weeks then can go back to work as long
as I follow the restrictions, basically the same as you listed above.
Talked it over with my boss at work and he's going to let me take two
weeks vacation, I've got over 400hrs, then be on 'light duty', though
there is no such thing where I work, for the remainder of the 6-8 weeks.
I've chosen the 'non-rechargeable' implant, hope that was the right
choice. I'm really excited and so is my wife. She said that during the
trial I was a 'changed' person. Even co-workers said I wasn't grumpy any