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But, I have heard of worse waste in public school. In an anecdote
from a Libertarian column, the story was told of a man who was told
that, if his 7th-grade son didn't get his grades up, he'd probably
have to repeat the whole grade!

Well, he didn't resort to threats or punishments, but he didn't ignore
the situation either. As soon as he could et off work, he went to the
school, brought his son home before last period (study hall), and,
went over all his the end of the school year, the boy was
getting all "A"'s and "B"'s

But, what did he receive at the end of the year? A medal? No, an
enormous fine. It seems like, by bringing his son home early, he had
caused the school to lose money! Since it wasn't a case of truancy
(the kid only left school with his father's knowledge and consent),
there was nothing to "cure" him of-and get money from government
programs for "incorrigible children", or whatever they called them,
they made the parents make up the difference (remember-the only class
the kid missed was study hall).

Oh, the praises I could sing of anything the government get's involved
in-and ruins!

Nice to know how lies get spread & made bigger & bigger. Schools get
their State & Federal funding via a mechanism called Daily Average
Attendance. All a student has to do is be there for first period in
and he/she is considered there for the entire day. Oh, and there is
normally no "Study-Hall" in Middle School systems.

What is more the shame, that is really the only part of attendance
most school systems care about.
"Before all else, be armed" -- Machiavelli

The article is in Here Come the Waco Killers", a book of essays on
freedom-related essays written by Vin Suprynowicz-a freelance
columnist. Most (but not all) of the essays, are taken from his
column, "The Libertarian". The story of the incident I cited leads off
chapter 4, "Public Schools".: The incident happened in Hempfield,
PA,in 1995. Upon looking the story over again, since the father (I
won't repeat the family's name, as it may not have made the internet),
let the school system know he was taking his son home early. And, the
principal actually tried to defend the school's actions-something like
"oh, then we'll have to make homeroom optional (If no other schedule
could be worked out in a similar situation, maybe it should be!

, I could have found more appropriate words in some cases, and I
freely admit to grammar and spelling errors-all this before I even
finish my post! Why? Because I want to get the major point across.
Our educational system is in a horrible state! And this true story
tells it very well!

So, it turns out that not only care for one's children's education,
but honesty is punished. Since most 13-year-old boys don't have to be
signed out, and led by the hand, the father could, indeed have removed
his son, before study hall. But, hey I remember some teachers who
would go as far as to take attendance in Study hall-which, yes, we did
have in Middle School.

one more thing to address

What is more the shame, that is really the only part of attendance
most school systems care about.

Oh, so they miss some school! the horror!
Obviously, you're one of the many who equated "schooling" with
"education". While the latter, in a very basic way, is necessary for
survival, and, with most people, enhances their lives the more of it
they get,, the former started out as a "necessary evil" to facilitate
the latter, and ended up being mistaken with it! Many college
officials and admissions boards are figuring this out, and private
school and even home-schooled students, are gaining the upper hand.
Or, should I say, earning?

I have said often that I have not lied on this group; While I've made
some mistakes, I stand by that statement. But, one thin I would never
lie about, anywhere, is the state of the way children are being raised-
including education! When I made the post, I knew that the book told
of actual events-and, when the writer varies, he says so-in no
uncertain words.

Well, what's next-annotation? When I first got here, you didn't know
Richard Paey's name-he was "the guy that's in jail in Florida..."
When I mentioned him by name, you acted as if there were two men in
the same situation! Should THAT be considered a lie?

Of course not. You simply didn't pay that much attention. In fact,
you never annotated. So, you have a higher standard for me! Or,
maybe you just were looking for an easy target.

Or, maybe the "HH" does mess with your mind. Your posts HAVE sure
been different!

Apparently you are right about the state of Education. You
misinterpreted everything I said. You really need to lay-off
something, perhaps the bug up your ass.

For your further edification, and perhaps education.

Average Daily Attendance (ADA)
The total number of days of student attendance divided by the total
number of days in the regular school year. A student attending every
school day would equal one ADA. Generally, ADA is lower than
enrollment due to such factors as transience, dropouts, and illness. A
school district's revenue limit income is based on its ADA. The state
collects ADA counts at the district but not the school level. These
counts are used to determine funding levels.

Federal money is usually not included in school-finance calculations,
as it is earmarked for specific uses. Most federal dollars are
dedicated to education for low-income students (“Title I”), special
education, and school meals programs. This money is intended to
supplement state and local spending, rather than supplant these
efforts. Federal funding has increased recently due to the No Child
Left Behind Act and increased support for special education.

BTW -- Simply reiterating something doesn't make it any more correct
then the first time around. So you read a story that happened 13
years ago, BFD -- it doesn't change the fact that Schools get their
funding based off of Average Daily Attendance, and taking your kid out
for last period would not affect funding.

Now, additionally while you may feel a 13-year old doesn't need to be
led out of school by their parent, the parents who have had children
go missing might just feel differently. Apparently you haven't heard
about Non-Custodial Parental Kidnapping in your 13 year old papers.

Who the hell keeps 13 year old newspapers anyways. Seeesh.
"Before all else, be armed" -- Machiavelli

It's a BOOK-some of us still read them! And, it was published in 1997-
THEN it would have mattered! So, where's your annotation-for the
school system of Pennsylvania, 1995-
Yes-our educational system sure does suck! Or should HH be off the
market? There's drugs and there's poisons! On the other hand-isn't it
time for your next pill? Now, chew it up carefully, make it all gone!