Re: OT: Country gone insane

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008 16:47:59 GMT, "OldGoat"
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Hey Folks,
(this has nothing to do with chronic pain)

I just saw a crawl on the local news- In order to increase force numbers,
the Army and Marines are SHARPLY increasing the number of recruits with
felony convictions.
So now instead of drug wars fought with illegal Mac-10's and AK-47's,
they'll have legal M-60 machine guns and grenade launchers. Don't know about
you, but I'll sleep better tonight, knowing my country is protected and
represented by these folks. General Charles Manson. Got a certain ring to it
doesn't it?

When the Big Green Machine needs meat for the Grinder, the quality of
it does not matter. Once the needs are reduced, the quality standards
go back up. Until then look for a lot of fat & gristle that will be
cut away way prior to ever making General.

However, all of that being said; I've seen plenty of folks turn their
lives around in the Military.
"Before all else, be armed" -- Machiavelli