Hi from LoriBoB...another new dr. experience :(

Hi ((((all))),
I miss u all but try to check in here a couple times a day...just
haven't posted much.

I'd like to share my experience w/a Co-CureGoodDoctorList.org Doc in
Seattle I just saw.
It is mixed. Though he is thorough & his secretary told me they are
very aware of the bad bad situation for cpp up here & get a lot of
folks from B'ham. Here it goes:

Every time I think about it I cry. he's a REALLY GOOD Dr., but of
course I have to prove I'm not an abuser...re: Quest piss test &
bloodwork. no biggie except of course the bitch couldn't get a vein
for the blood draw & blew my only 2 good ones. mad I have really tiny
veins that are fragile & only have 2 that are "good" (there at all!).
I have slow viscous blood & no veins...it makes it another nightmare.
So, I asked if there was a Quest test place in B'ham & she said yes so
I'm goin' there. I have to wait 2 more weeks till next dr appt. w/
hope of meds? I have to have a **** EMG test done on my feet/legs...o
great more **** torture w/no meds (they stick needles into the skin/
nerves & add electricity to see if the nerves are alive. When they
hit the "live" ones it's **** TORTURE!!!).
Also getting a bone scan....painless except it took them an hr to
insert an IV for the dye. Gotta try to get all this done w/in 2weeks.
The good thing about it is he asked if anybody ever said I had RSD or
checked for it. I was a good girl & didn't rant I simply said
"No." (Howie couldn't believe I didn't rant!)
The Dr. was very good, professional & actually looked a little shocked
when I told him that last!!

Sooo, because ppl who bring in their own charts tend to pull pages (I
wonder why! Mine's full of mistakes, meds not given, lies. ****
em.) so they now require it be faxed FROM the Drs' office. I did
manage to leave my mighty fine letter of introduction my psychologist
wrote w/the receptionist to put in my chart. I said can u please see
that he reads this? It's important & from someone who's known me
10yrs unlike any of the current lousy docs I've had. She said no
prob., they haveA TON of patients coming down from Bellingham
complaining there is NO TREATmENT UP THERE (here)! sigh.
deep breath.
Of course the vibrating 3hr car ride has the nerves in my feet feeling
like they were soaked in oil, gasoline & lit on fire left to burn thru
the bone 24/7.
**** it.