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Codeee I would still stay with the Watson though if I could get them.
I havent tried any of the other generics other than Teva and Watson.
I am hearing two different stories about generics now. I wish I knew
which one is really true. Story 1 says that all generics will be made
by Purdue or under the supervision of Purdue. Story 2 says that
Watson was made by Purdue to start with but somehow they infringed on
Purdue's patent. me what the real story is. I am going to
call some smaller pharmacies here and see what they have to say. Next
month Teva will drop their strength possibly. I would like to find
one that wouldnt change, and I think I know what that is. Purdue.


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I'm glad to hear that Teva has changed their formulation.
That was the very reason my pharmacy had to order the
other brand of generics, or suck it up and get the name brands,
malabsorption problems. Thanks for sharing this information,
and glad you're doing better!


Dave, thanks for the input and the pain relief. I am just happy
they "seem" to be either stronger, or they changed their delivery
system. I have had extensive stomach and small intestine, and
surgery. OK, spleen removal due to the doc's slip of the hand. So
malabsorption is a problem for me. Although I didnt seem to have
trouble with the Purdue, then all of a sudden everything was Teva.
took one month of Teva and I am glad that round of pain meds is
The switch from Purdue to Teva was pretty dramatic for me anyway,
possibly because of the malabsorption problem. The same doc also
"Teva" problems for his other patients at that time. Maybe Teva did
change their formula, whatever they did, it works for me pretty
to my surpise.


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Perhaps Teva got the message. Im sure those of us here arent the
ones that complained to their pharmacists about them. But arent
on their way out anyway? I thought Purdue won an exclusivity suit
their time release mechanism. Anyway, im really glad you have
that work now. On the subject of private pharmacies...when i
minnesota one of the most mom and pop places you could hope to
was a block away from mayo clinic it was called eagle drugs...and
think they would have made a mustard poltice for you if you was really cool, it put me in mind of an english
apothecary crossed with an old dry goods store.

congrats on the relief,