Oxy Brands

At this point I am thinking of letting the doc change meds...to what
I dont know. I am slightly allergic to oral morphine, the hospital IV
never bothered me. I just get itchy here and there is all.
Oxy has worked so well for me I hate to give it up, but if they cant
get their act together and make a decent pill I have no choice now.
Except the dreaded Teva. If I were Teva I would be bouncing off the
walls. It is the only brand there is here and there are like 55-60
pharmacies here and many of them are huge.
I guess I will see what these do and hope for the best. The lady at
the pharmacy I usually go to said they would handle nothing but
Purdue. Great. If there were no generics. They had 100 Watsons but
not 120 which is what the script called for. Grrrrr.