Re: Wow...this is different

On Wed, 18 Jul 2007 11:47:22 -0500, dave wrote
(in article <0001HW.C2C3AE4A020F26AFB055394F@xxxxxxxxxxxx>):

It looks like my posts had been working fine the whole time, as i see my
posts showed up multiple times....on google it hasnt updated view since very
early yesterday morning. This is the first time it hasnt worked since i began

here. I apologize for all the redundancy, but i truly thought the whole group

wasnt and learn i suppose.


now i cant figure out why it shows my name as dave instead of painxtreme.
This has truly exposed my ignorance of newsgroups and newsreaders. i set my
identity as painxtreme...but oh well...i guess when posts and replies show up
under my previous name, youll all know that im back on google. This way is
much harder for me to follow, but i guess i beats nothing...maybe ill get
better at it if google stays down long enough