Re: My stimulator

Dear Debs,

Thanks for asking about my sis, but that is a group all on it's own, a
thread just couldn't contain it all. Suffice it to say I have never seen
such gross incompetence and gambling with
someone else's life in all my days. I can't think of another way to sum it
up. I'm going crazy next, just so I can keep an eye on her. The only thing
holding me back is a jacket with no sleeves, and a room with rubber walls.

Again, thanks for asking---og

"Debs" <YOURFOOTdebs02114@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks OG. The medtronics people are around 2-3 days a week where I go and
they are pretty knowledgeable. I am not worried too much about them
putting in new leads. I need better coverage; I need this stim to work.
It's hard to work on no sleep and pain meds. I can't look like a buffoon
and I need to work. We will see what happens next week. My pain surgeon is
a nice guy and always gets back to me really fast. We will see what
happens. Thanks for the virtual swing though!

How have you been doing? Hanging in? How is your sister doing? Still on
all that phenobarb? Hope you are both doing well. Take it easy!!

Take care and enjoy!

OldGoat wrote:
Dear Debs,

The movement of the electrodes is the kiss of death for SCS. Everytime
they budge the electrodes the slightest bit, it seems like it's never
right again. Just full of good news, I know.
Beat your PCP over the head that your pain doc/surgeon is a dud, he
screwed things up and now he's not doing anything to try and pick up the
pieces. That's the kind of help you don't need. I've seen a lot go in and
then come out due to this, and they still push the technology.
Do you have to wait around for the Medtronics tech to come making his
rounds or is your doc/surg competent to make adjustments? I probably
mentioned it elsewhere, but there's got to be some kind of IR unit that
goes in to a USB port or something, that will allow you to do adjusting
at home. It's great to adjust it in a controlled environment, lying down
in a doctors office as they play, but getting in to real life is the real
I'm just really pissed on your behalf that they even had to touch the
electrodes when they were in a spot that was working well. That and the
fact they apparently want to leave you flat on your back with no back up
or reluctance to go to plan B with oral medications till they figure out
what they screwed up. If you hit them, hit them once for me.

Hang in there, hon.--og

"Debs" <YOURFOOTdebs02114@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I am scared as all shit. My stim doesn't seem to be helping nearly as
much as it used to be. Thursday night was another really bad night. No
sleep, lots of pain meds, had to call in sick on Friday. I was wiped,
exhausted and in pain. Bad combo for work for sure. I had been
re-programmed on thursday too and it's just not helping. I had been
re-programmed on the 18th too. I also found out that they put the leads
in too high so even though there are 8 electrodes they can only use the
bottom two or three to get coverage for my feet. The really scary thing
though is that Friday my feet were really numb the whole day, and pretty
damn painful and then on Saturday my left foot felt like I had something
stuck on the bottom of it just lower down from my toes. I spent a lot of
time trying to get it off then I looked and... not a damn thing. My stim
has been a life saver and if it doesn't work much anymore I am literally
sunk. I hope this can be salvaged. I will be in touch with my surgeon
tomorrow and see what he has to say about all this. After the last time
when he wouldn't up my pain meds even though I have been in a lot more
pain. Shouldn't this be their job? hmm... They all keep saying that it's
a slippery slope and they will just keep getting increased etc etc etc...
All I know is that my feet are killing me and neuropathic pain is really
bad, sucks big time. If they can help with the pain I won't be so nervous
about losing my new job that I love so much... I am so scared.