Breaking your pain contract

Looks like I'm headed in this direction now, I'm calling 3 places today to
try and find out what can be done about generic pain meds not working
properly and useing another doctor to take up the slack 2hrs 3 times a day
I'm looseing/being sick in withdrawals, first call my GP who will write me a
script for a few days worth of 20mg mscontin, second call is to my pain
doctor to ask what they think about it and that I'm calling the ER in
advance in reference to my pain doctors instructions to go to the ER if my
pain gets bad, my doctors medical assistant said this not the doctor,
anyway, we'll see what happens when your given a script that does not cover
your pain for 30 days and you break your contract because they will not move
your appointment up a few days...Joe

I'll try and tell the story when I know what's going down, Oh yeah, I have
the doctors, I've just never been put in this position since my meds trial
started 6 months ago, been on the upper side and right on time side but
naver late side where my meds didn't cover me and the center wouldn't do
something about it, as always, thanks...Joe