Re: fentanyl 100 mcg/hr Question

gwen <mommygwen5@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message:
Yes I do believe that being in pain does not give you the right to
break the law. I guess if you want to believe differently,there are
probably numerous other laws that don't apply to you also,- because
you are in pain!?. It is a load of crap. But as you said - it is your

Spare me the "slippery slope" nonsense.

My point was that one has a right to be free from severe pain and if
they can't get relief through the usual channels, for whatever reason,
they have a "human" right to pain relief that supercedes the law.

I don't live in a cave, I am well aware of the fact that chronic pain
is the number one untreated disease in this country. I also know that
your dr. should be the one monitoring your meds. what you take, and in
what combination. Getting narcotics from friends, off the street or
wheverer is dangerous.

The danger is always grossly overstated by the self-righteous.

I worked in a hospital for 20 years. In the
lab, Lab tech. I have seen many people die on a daily basis,or end up
in ICU on a respirator longterm, and not from the drugs that you
normally consider street drugs, from the everyday narcotics that they
got from a friend.

I'll bet you saw a lot die from car accidents too. We can save a lot
more lives if we outlaw cars and force everyone to take the bus. Maybe
we should outlaw twinkies too. How about NSAIDS? They kill many more
people than all illegal drugs combined.

So don't preach to me about living in caves, and
about it being your choice to illigally take the occasional oxy from
you friend. If you want to do it- whatever. Just don't lead anyone
else to believe that it is ok to do just because the medical
profession is shitting on your head.

It is OK.

Those who prefer suffering over lawbreaking are free to do as their
conscience dictates, but they are not going to dictate to me. I'm
spreading the word that people have a right to be free from severe pain
and if they can't get relief through the usual channels, for whatever
reason, they have a "human" right to pain relief that supercedes the

Here we go again. Another one who is suffering from the CP version of
Stockholm Syndrome:

A chronic pain patient who is totally at the mercy of a
doctor's whim for relief of their agonizing and debilitating pain,
often defend anything that doctor does as being entirely justified.
these patients will be receptive to govt propaganda and
will buy into a whole set of beliefs, to the point where they will
attack others who they believe; often with scant or no evidence at
are scamming the system.

They, in essence, serve their oppressors. Much the same as the Jews
aided the Nazis during WWII. They thought they could save themselves
the expense of others. Some did, but most eventually suffered the

I have not been here as long as some of you have, and you(Juba) seem
to usually give very good advice, but-- what the hell is this and why
are you pulling it on me.

Don't mistake a spirited discussion on a contentious subject to be a
personal attack.

I do not need to be saved by you. I am not
being oppressed by my dr. and neither am I being indoctrinated by govt

Of course you have. You spout the govt propaganda chapter and verse.

For more than 80 years, the people in the US have been constantly
bombarded by anti-drug propaganda, full of lies and falsified
statistics. The techniques have become more effective and insidious over
time. To deny that it doesn't shape opinions and lead some to
finger-pointing against their neighbors is to deny the reality and it is
also proof that one has been so totally indoctrinated that they really
haven't a clue as to their active role as a tool of their oppressor.