Re: final part2

OMG...Marcus.. Don't!!!.. Don't do it.. Please think about this.. I'll
be praying for you Marcus to wake wake up with this idea out of your
head.. Please Do what OG posted.. It may help you to go to Ga. Make
sure you take your medical records with you.. The records that show
what problem you have in your back and neck..


marcusboy54 wrote:
wanna hear what nurse told me be fore i left lock down tonighty she
took me in my room and told me she realized what might happen if i was
treated for my pain soon she told me when i got down to the last 12
hours on the patch to get a diabetic suregenge and put what was left in
the patch and shoot it up and i would be out of pain for atleast
another 12 hours and very comforable upstairs i looked at her and
wondered why she would let me go knowing wht mite happen and she said
she would probaly do the same thing if pain took control of her life
and she walked me to the door and hugged me and wish em well and we
said goodbye