Re: Marijuana Facts - The Stoned Truth about Marijuana

"LooseCannon" <lambchop.LC@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Fanch wrote:
It's a very exciting time for medical marijuana patients (and potential
MM users)!!

Exciting? Sounds more depressing then anything else. Ive given up on the
idea that MM is gonna be legal and accessible fairly to those in need of
it in my lifetime.

last year our legislation got creamed in the house

then again, that was a staunch republican majority voting on strict
conservative values issues. the video from the "debate" makes me sick.
Literally you had the democrats arguing facts and statistics, and a
bunch of old geezer republicans saying over and over again.

"But this is just a secret effort to get marijuana legalized across
the board!! We can never allow that!! pot kills teenagers across

I woulda thought by now that an arguement like that woulda gone the way of
the 'masturbation makes hair grow on yer palms' kinda b.s.

then they would step down and not let anyone ask them questions of
course, I guess because their party's platform on medical marijuana is
a joke.

The dems have pledged to bring up the issue every year from now on
so... at least it's going to get a decent vote this time!. I don't
think I will be legally smoking joints next year or even 5 years after
that but we have to keep faith, and stay positive- there is a lot of
work left to do but at least I can imagine our success at this point!

Yeah, but how many of us have 5 yrs, let alone more then that? Its a
fuckin disgrace what politics does to those in pain, so staying postive on
the matter isnt all that easy, but yer right, we cant give up. Never.

agreed, it doesn't matter to me, i get tested every clinic visit....
it really helps stress from what i remember, yeah, get me a wheelbarrel
full, i can wish i guess...