Re: Talula openly solicits drugs via this newsgroup

Codeee01@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
You might notice other names in the thread if you were not reading
selectively CAROL...whatever this means to you.

You didn't answer my question. What do the other names have to do with my
question? These posts were sent by cod...@xxxxxxxxxxx, and signed by Codeee.
Did you, or did you _not_ write these? If you didn't, then who did? These
posts are very confusing, as they appear to be yours, according to the
headers and attributions, but you say that you were not the author. Google
says otherwise. Is Google right or wrong?

Since they were first brought up by Dillo and others, I have never read a
clear explanation for their existence. I have been reading the same old
arguments, on and off, since I first posted here. I was here through the
Chris Reynolds/Nick Burns, Weezie, Super Squirrel and related
trolls/sockpuppets, Jillian and Will, Wedgie Boy and Floating Wench, Rosie
going from friend to foe with many in here; put up with Ruada's nastiness,
ZW's irascible temperment and Juba trying to run others off the NG.

Unless I see something that I can reply to in order to help someone, I
pretty much stay out of the bickering. Sometimes I might ask for
clarification on what someone wrote. So if you didn't author them, how did
they end up on Google in ADH? Is there more than one 'Codeee' posting in

On Tue, 15 Aug 2006 20:36:37 GMT, "earthpots" <earthpots@xxxxxxxxxx>

Codeee01@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Tue, 15 Aug 2006 08:40:07 -0400, ZombyWoof <Zomby-Woof@xxxxxxxxx>

Did you not just decry bringing "history" from other groups back?

That was in your last post, in this one, you bring one of your
favorite tales alive again. This IS the problem.

You failed to mention that I was not the author of the infamous
tampon post.

Then who wrote these??? <confused>

Also that I did not need to have worried in the first place, I was

I also did my best for several years to talk anyone and everyone
with the same stupid initial idea out of it.

No one would be complaining if it weren't for the uneven handling of
this issue by you and yours....ready to crucify two people many
times over, yet give one the benefit of the doubt against all proof
to the contrary,it's best to err on the side of mercy at ALL times
until proven otherwise?

That's the point!


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