Re: To Rack Jite

On 7 Aug 2006 00:48:25 -0700, "TALULA" <maddalinoc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
wrote something wonderfully witty:

Dear Rack Jite,

I just finnished reading THE HISTORY of this group, and thank you from
myself and the newbies to come for a glance at the origin of all this
bullshit. I hate control freaks and i hate ppl telling me who i can and
can not talk to, so unfortunately i will no longer be posting here, and
it really is unfortunate cuz i really feel i have some unfinnished
business connecting with ppl such as yourself and a few others but i
need peace, I wish you luck on someday ending this crap, i sense a few
sociopaths here, and people without a conscience make my skin crawl, I
am merciless when i fight, but this is not my fight. hopefully good
will prevail. I'll still be stopping by on occation to see how those i
care about are doing, but otherwise i feel as if I'm getting pulled
back and forth pressured to choose a side, truth being i don't care to
be on anyones side, I was just looking for a kind word in my worst
moments and hoping to give the same back when needed. I wish you well,
take care

More then likely you are gone by now and I am sorry to hear that, but
hail & farewell. Understand that Jite's intentions aren't to end any
of this crap. His intentions are to continue to inflame & incite it as
his so called "history as according to Jite" post shows. He doesn't
want you to make up your mind, but follow his. He can actually be
kill filed and never be missed as he has never in his history of
posting to this forum posted an on-topic message.

I hope you find the support you are looking for without having to
provide support to others who need something from you as well.


You can run, but you'll only die tired.