Re: New Meds...

I just got back from filing MY monthly supply: 120 Oxycontin. 40 mg,120
and 20 mg. roxicodone(identical to percocet-without the tylenol), as a
breakthrough med.

The only trouble I had with the drugstore was when I presented a "daw"
script for the brand name Oxycontin; he said thar Endo was just as
good, and that dispensing such an expensive drug would raise my
insurance Co-pay from one dollar to twenty five (plus, he wasn't making
much profit). I insisted on the name brand because I heard bad things
about Endo, the companythat makes the generic brand he stocks. With
my insurance, set up by medicare, asking for another generic brand
isn't an option; Its either the cheapest generic in stock, or the brand
name drug. So, drug stores DO fill two types of pain drugs, as long as
they're written by the same doctor.

What you WON'T be able to do is get the new prescription, which sounds
like is for the same drug you got a few days ago, filled, until the
other has had time to "run out". You could get it filled at another
drugstore, if you don't present any prescription forms, and pay for it
in full, but that's illegal in many states, and the DEA, who receive
copies of ALL scheduled narcotic prescriptions, frown upon this, and
may start to hassle you. I wouldn't recommend doing it. I've had my
own troubles with the law (I did my time-11 months in '95-96, plus
three years parole, so don't arrest me, Officer-lol), and the
consequences are not pleasant!

It sounds like this doctor is not educated in pain control. You
should'nt alienate him, as he's always willing to give you something,
but you definitely should look for a good pain specialist.

My next dose of Oxycontin is due in about an hour, and I'll find out
how much of a difference there is. I would have liked to try the other
generic, but, as I said, that wasn't an option, as the druggist didn't
have any in stock, and I had a total of one Endo left, and none of the
BT pills, as I've been nursing a very painful ear infection, so I
could'nt wait for him to order it. I'll try to post later tonight
aboutt the differences; Bob, you have a generous doctor, but one
that's not well-informed. I know that it sounds great, getting all the
percs you needed, without waiting long or being hassled, but you were
destroying your liver. And most likely, he hasn't heard of the short
acting perc without tylenol. But maybe you could ask him-it is very
short acting, and I find it useless by itself, but you might not. But
your ultimategoal should be to find a doctor who'll treat your entire
pain problem-not a little of "this and that", and not keeping up on
what different pain drugs are for.

You're probably totally confused now-but I wish you the best.


Bob wrote:
Hi OG,
Just got home from the doctor's...
I explained the "B/T" discussion on here and he stated, quote, "Nope...
I can't write the prescription for percocet because, frankly, the
pharmacy won't fill it. Plus, the D.E.A. will flip out! So, the best I
can recommend is Tylonol (spelling?) or Advil."

So, I guess that's the course I have take. He DID write another script
for OxyContin 40MG 3x a day. This one was for 42, whereas the one on
Saturday was for 28. Now, a question to all of you: Yesterday, here in
Maine, the temp was 99 with about 10000% humidity (actually it was
about 75%) and the sun was GREAT (that's how I tan nowadays...I slather
on the oil and put the shorts on, take the roof outta the Corvette and
drive all over the place!), BUT!

I felt like absolute CRAP after about 2 hours. I asked the doc about it
today, wondering if I had the adverse reaction because of the
OxyContin, and he said that the "sun was really funky yesterday".

What the hell does THAT mean?

Has anyone else ever had that happen when they have been on this med?

Thanks again everyone for all your help, it is TRULY appreciated!
Best Wishes,
Officer Bob
OldGoat wrote:
Dear Bob,

It sounds like it might be time to toss a BT/rescue dose on in there.
Everyone is so different, but you have to imagine your pain relief as a line
graph. The line has peaks and the line has valleys. The line of this drug
working on you, may be too flat or a valley too deep. Enter the rescue
If you can find or have a PDR (I figure you guys had one at the station) you
can find the "relief graphs" in the medication literature. But remember all
that's gathered for thousands of test patients over years of testing so you
won't follow it exactly, but you will see certain "relief lines" for certain
drugs are straighter than others and most want you to test drive a med for 2
weeks, before you decide up or down, but they also suggest you have rescue
meds available as you adjust.
It's not out of line to talk to the doc now,maybe he can give you enough of
a " kick" to make this med succeed.
Hang in there, you will find the right dose to work. And if you feel like
you may say something to make the dock think you're "shopping" tell him why
you are hesitant, then let it go. If your doc feels you're holding back you
can end up on the shit list for nothing. He can't fix it if you can't say
"doc it hurts!". They don't want to give you something that's not working.
As a Cop, you know where that stuff ends up, so they want to hear it, and
get you on something that does work.

Feel Better Soon--og

"Bob" <kennedy64@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Cabbi,
I was taking between 10 and 20 10/325 Percocet a day
I realize I've only been taking the 40mg OxyContin's since Saturday,
but it really does not seem to be working the same way as the Percocet.
I know that makes me sound like I'm "med-seeking", but I'm kinda at my
wit's end.

Cabbi wrote:
I'm sorry, but what were you taking before this change in medications.

"Bob" <kennedy64@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi All,
Well, I've been taking the OxyContin 40mg 3x/day since Saturday and
it's not working as well as I expected. Any suggestions of what to do?
Thanks for all your help,

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