I'm Back

Hello all,
I have been away from the group for many months due to computer problems
and the biggest of all problems, my significant other. After many years of
putting up with her Borderline Personality Disorder it was time to leave for
my own sanity. Its been hard getting up on my feet the last few months. She
was the bread winner. My SS bennies are not much to live on so it have been
interesting to say the least finding a place to live and so on. My pain Dr.
finally has my pain somewhat under control. He Hired a PA who is not afraid
to make increases and changes. The key fro me was changing my breakthrough
meds to Oxi-Fast Liquid instead of dilaudid, oxycodone ir and the other
pills we tried over the years.
How is everyone else getting along? Have the flame wars ended? I will be
reading the posts and catching up so I will post again soon.
I do hope everyone is well and I wish everyone peace and freedom from pain.

Willy G
Does curiosity really kill cats?