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might depend upon where one lives??

I did this at our desert resort location...guess all "we" retired folk are
far less likely to be terrorists??

What about them "Gray Panthers"?

only kidding...but didn't see any armed fed officers...actually it was quite
a cool set up...walked in the door...and instead of one of those "pull down
a number like at the deli" thingies...there was a VERYYY basic computer
terminal...with VERYYY basic instructions ( in either Spanish or
English)....reminded me of an ATM..asked you to pick WHY you were benes..SSDI...SS etc...then printed you a number

Ever see a drive-up ATM in braille and wonder why?

undoubtedly my filling out the forms online wasthe BEST way to do I
brought in the paper documentation that I had printed out...once I was
called back (other folks were called to "windows")....I got to go into the
nether back regions...sat down at a desk face to face...the young thing
already had my application up on her computer screen...due to my inputting
enuf info at the "check in kiosk"...then the confirmation
number...voila...all done

Ohhhh, nether regions.

I realize my experience was easier than most...

In the nether regions no less.

but your description of armed guards at the door...etc...tho there may have
been a guy there to break up any disagreements if they occurred...

Here locally all of the federal buildings look like Fort freakin Knox
or something. Armed rent-a-cops, metal detectors, no non-appointment
access. Hell a lot don't even have phone or customer service access.
They tell you make an appointment via the web portal for that
department. Easier to get on a Military base then in most
Governmental buildings. What they hiding in there?

Talk about a Government distancing itself from its people. Seeesh!
Looks an awful lot like the Nazi Germany they show in the movies.

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