Re: Anodyne Therapy?

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of Anodyne Therapy? I gave a buddy
a ride to his PT today and was chatting with one of the therapists and
mentioned I had diabetic neuropathy. She told me about a new therapy they
are doing called Anodyne Therapy. Supposedly it helps to increase blood
flow to the areas effected and she claimed that in some cases patients had
actually been able to lower their pain medications. She gave me some
literature to read and it does look promising. Just curious if anyone has
ever had this done and what the results were.


Well Aetna Insurance doesn't pay for it, stating for starters that:

There is no evidence that infrared light therapy is any more effective
than other heat modalities in the symptomatic relief of
musculoskeletal pain. Glasgow (2001) reported on the results of a
randomized controlled clinical trial of low-level infrared therapy in
24 subjects with experimentally induced muscle soreness, and found no
significant differences between treatment and placebo groups.

There are no published studies of the effectiveness of low-level
infrared therapy for treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The
case series presented by the manufacturer of the Anodyne System on its
web site have not been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

Finally, there is no evidence in the published peer-reviewed medical
literature on the effectiveness of infrared therapy for the treatment
of lymphedema. The Canadian Coordinating Office of Health Technology
Assessment (2002) found that ?[t]here is little high quality
controlled clinical trial evidence for these therapies.?


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