Re: unbelievable!

He really has fallen into the abyss of darkness. Richard....M I N D F R
E A K :)

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You're sounding more demented with each passing day.
What's going ON with you?


...oh , I bet you can susie . Getting all hot , are ya ?
I think im gonna puke .


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Top posted:

I'm cute, so I get that all the time. :-)


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On Thu, 6 Jul 2006 18:17:02 -0700, "NWBluePenguin"
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I know *I* would be! (or not) ;)

Oh online crush. Aren't you flattered? :)

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He's definitely a piece of work alright. He does everything he
screams at other people for doing. He has to be so lonely and so
jealous to even bother with this crap.

How did you get to be the most important thing in his life anyway.
Every move he makes, in some way revolves around you. He is so
obsessed with you he displays no control whatever where you are
concerned. If the truth about something concerning you doesn't
into his little preconceived scenario's, he just makes one up to

He's a pathetic little man with nothing better to do than follow
you around and make up lies to fit his agenda for the day. He's
pathetic and doesn't even see it. If you or I were doing the same
thing he is doing, he'd call out the men in white suits. LOL

It's quite obvious what his (LC's) problem is. He has a crush on
me. If I lived nearby he'd be driving past my house at all hours.


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