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Legend wrote:
I'd direct you to the thread, if it wasn't constantly changing names.
So, I'll repost the "apology", and some posts that led up to it:

Heya Pammy, before ya get all uppity here, why not get Kenny to explain all HIS morphing nyms? How about Schwantz in the migraine ng who he lied about being FOREVER until all the info came out and it PROVED that it was him? And Tattered Maggie, who showed up here to defend none other than MASTER JUBA..imagine that?! Then theres Red E Kilowatt and numerous others....nyms he still posts under. The only difference now is that he cant drag em out to defend his own posts anymore, so hes turned to anon remailers, occasionally getting one of the Squeaky Squad to do one for him so hes got plausible deniability.

Kennys got some real nerve acting like his shit dont stink when hes pulled allot of disappearing & reappearing acts w/differnt nyms over the years! And his comment "She was behaving herself as Mary Elizabeth so that's all to her credit, but I do have a problem with all of her outrageous lies and deceptions, as Jillian and Nat..." really is offensive! Who is KENNY to say who is behaving themselves and who isnt? As for whther he has a problem with someone else's behavior, he oughta go look in the mirror first. And hes got enuf lies and deceptions that hes got NO right to judge another for the same thing. Why ELSE would he lie about being Schwantz? Or use another nym to defend HIMSELF? Its cuz hes got no character, and somehow he thinks it makes him important to judge others, when he first needs to judge himself.

Jillian-Joan-Nat-Mary - The obituary you wanted
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Date: Thurs, Jun 15 2006 7:48 pm
Email: "Nat" <thejoyisintheliv...@xxxxxxxxx>
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You want the truth well, here it is. Will you do the same - be
that is?

I became very ill and was operated on for an intestinal obstruction. I

survived, barely. My nephew and a friend were house sitting during
time. The friend, seeing only asc-p on my computer and all caught up
"killed" me off as a joke using my DIL's name not thinking his little
all the way through. When he fessed up to my nephew who was protected
awhile by his cousin, my son Chris, yes it was actually my son writing
posts, I was far too sick and doped up to respond when asked to use my
computer. When this was all learned shit hit the fan BIG TIME in my
Bad enough to be dealing with my FIL's death. It had gone on long
that when I was well enough, I gave serious pause, and decided, wrongly

perhaps, that Jillian Humphrey did indeed "die" - I died a bit
and as sick as I was I could easily have died in reality. This group
partly to do with my "death" in the support I needed so badly when I
those so long and boring posts about my FIL and not understanding why
he was
choosing to die. It didn't help that 2 people here had quite a chuckle
that. One did eventually apologize, as did I when my grief overflowed
a horrendous post.

EVERY single thing I have ever said about my health is true. I would
wish anyone, not anyone, fecal incontinence. Tell Rack here in Ohio we
womenfolk don't get duded up to go to the mall.THAT trip was when I had
first full accident, till then the panty liner was helping. Rack'd
you stay cooped up at home if infirmed, I guess. If he would read an
post instead of line by line he would understand I never called him a
I referred to the child's mother's reaction as bigoted. Sue "should"
me up on this, but I never compared him to Hitler either. There was a
poster at the time named "joe" who both Sue and I just could not make
or tails of his writings. He wrote that Rack was a worthless piece of
for a human being and shouldn't be here. Because of "joe's"
simpleness, I
used real understandable pieces of human shit and specifically said "RJ

doesn't even come close". I closed the post by saying RJ had every
right to
be in asc-p as everyone else. Go find it and read it, you'll see I am
telling the truth.

This going real life is crap and you all should be ashamed of
yourselves. I
wrote a smartass post about my job, followed by a carefully explained
concerning my job. Rack saw fit to take the smartass post, but not the

actual one with the real explanation and put it in alt.hard.drugs. Two

juveniles there saw fit to look me up and I did indeed get real life
threats, messages that described my house, the position changes of the
out front, etc. Sound familiar Rack? Seems you wrote several times
something like that happening to you. Now the juveniles were caught and

fessed up. Rack, you did have some culpability since they were
but hell, this is just bullshit internet word crap. Had something
happened, had they carried some of their threats out, you'd be singing
different tune now.

Juba, there, respect, I used your nym and not your name. Maybe you
show a little to your fellow man in this group. Long before I said you
something in an email I didn't like, you told me you 86'd me cause I
said in an e-mail to another that "LC wasn't a bad guy". Sharing
info, I thought you frowned on that. Now LC is giving you back what
have done to others, and I have witnessed you in action first hand, I
need others telling the tales. He "IS" a good guy. He was the first
write and welcome me. He came after Jillian passed. He NEVER ONCE in
e-mail said anything about anyone in this group. Our few e-mails
us and our illnesses. He gave me support. I never betrayed you. I
ever asked you for personal information. Oh, I did ask you to please
Rack off my back, you quickly shot back that he wasn't your friend - I
the mistake of referring to him as such. Much later, after the
debacle, you
let me know publicly you asked 2 others to ask him to lay off me. Yet
say you did so much for me, what was it you did? Getting your 2
friends to
have Rack lay off didn't work, did it? So why in the world would you
that anything I would say to anyone about getting off your back would
be of
any use?

You throw around the word "criminal" when you yourself have engaged in
criminal activity. Come on now, be truthful, no more inaccuracies.

A few at the time knew the truth. Those who cared about me. I opted
come back as "Nat". My actual name IS Joan Humphrey, however, before
showed up, a Jo Strandberg posted here often and she used Jo, Joan and
Joani, so I switched to Jillian, my middle name to avoid confusion and
posted so at the time.

When the situation happened with my former neighbor (the family has
moved) I
could have cared less that anyone with a pea for a brain could look up
info and find out who I was - for me, the importance of getting the
word out
about my missing neighbor and anything I could do to help the family
outweighed my being "outed" in a dumb usenet group. When my google and

hotmail accounts were hacked, and they were, I have the SLR (Standard
Reports) to prove it "Nat" died that day in November, until today and
will be no replies to this. I do not know who or why I was hacked, but

there are things I do know. "Nat" died partly on my attorney's
direction -
yes I have one. He and my kid, the lawyer who set me up with him when
happened, will be less than happy that I am posting this.

I have lurked, not often, as I am very ill. Very ill. I have longed
correct inaccuracies. You people throw "lie" around like a meatball
all it really is inaccuracies and faulty memories. I was here before
before Codeee, before Rack. Although I had not much interaction with
her, I
remember when Ruada was a well respected member of this group before
decided to gang up on her. I know the history. I was here. The funny
about the so called FAQs is that not once have I ever seen any one ask
of these so called frequently asked questions actually asked. No one

Get back to support. It's what is done best here, not these stupid
It drives people to do stupid things, and I admit I did a stupid thing.

There are a number of people who mean something to me here, and yes LC
one. HE never tried to tell me what to do. HE supported me when life
handing me the shit sandwich. Should the Real Life stuff stop -
and that goes to everyone. Quit insulting each other, care about
pain. LC ain't the bad guy - anyone who engages in this shit is.

My true swan song. Juba, you got the other one wrong. You know the
dated last June, my so called farewell, that was really a "I won't be
as much cause I am doing better" Thing is, the thing with the neighbor

began July 4th - your timing was off. I was here thru November.

But Nat is dead now too and left the building. For some of you that
make your day. You can deal with that when the time comes for
your life, and it comes for all of us.

So, your obituary and your truth. Now how about your telling the
You know, the hard stuff, not avoiding the difficult questions.

Happy now? Rhetorical. There will be no response back from me ever.
fire away, but do give some thought to actually telling the truth. You
me to and I did, now I'm asking you to do so, AND to make apologies
necessary. I very sorrowfully apologize to any I may have hurt by my

"Juba" <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message


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~*LiveLoveLaugh*~ <Nob...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message:

Top posted and out of lurking for a sec...

Hey Nat!! How ARE you??? Long time no seeee!! :) Email me!! I
saw your other post in asap... I asked there, but I'll ask here
What does MB stand for??

"Mary Elizabeth" <Marysinp...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message


Jillian (aka Joan Humphrey) = Nat = Mary Elizabeth.

I already knew this because Nat revealed her real identity when she talked
about her next door neighbor who went missing. It was easy enough to find
and compare Joan Humphrey's address and the neighbor's address. And tying
"Mary Elizabeth" to Nat was child's play.

But now (thanks to Laurie) her secret is out in the open. She thought she
had everyone fooled, but she was wrong.

She was behaving herself as Mary Elizabeth so that's all to her credit,
but I do have a problem with all of her outrageous lies and deceptions, as
Jillian and Nat, as well as her numerous attempts to manipulate me and
enlist me to help her get Jite off her back. And after I did so much to
help her, she later turned on me and lied about what what I said to her in

And it should be noted that Jite was right about her all along. She faked
her own death. She came back here as "Chris" and stayed for quite a while
to argue with people. Later she comes back as "Nat" and makes up a bunch
of lies about shitting on herself at the mall, and then whines about being
picked on when she wasn't believed.


shirleyjudson@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Whoa now, hold the phone! So the Jillian who "died" in surgery for
lesions faked her death? And her son Chris came on here in his "grief"
and e-mailed back and forth with people "trying to understand" also was
part of the scam?

And THEN she came on here and when someone outted her she apologized? I
have heard it all now!

Legend wrote:

I don't remember Jillian...but "nat" arrived soon after I did. I
remember her BEGGING you to believe her...I read about Jillian's
"death" in the archives, but still didn't put two and two together,
although another member here said she 'had a feeling" about it.

Life is such a precious gift, that I can't imagine messing with it that
way...what can I say, Rack...when you're right, you're right.


Rack Jite wrote:

Boy, Ms Poopypants has been morphing as son Chris for six
years! No I didnt google it Dick, NINE other people here
did and emailed it to me! And one came Western Union in the
middle of the night...
Stick to the issue! The hell with some pathological liar
found guilty of not only faking their own death here, but
morphing back in to the group to call people names who cast
doubt on it. No no no, that isnt the issue. The issue is who
told Rack Jite about Jillians mea culpa! hehehe...

From: Chris Humphrey -
Date: Thurs, Jan 13 2000 12:00 am

Lest we have some confusion and accusations of "morphing"...that last
post from Chris Humphrey was from me, Jillian. Sometimes, rarely, Chris
posts - usually when I've told him of the going on in the ngs, he's more of a
train geek lurking in those groups (doesn't trust his spelling) I'm checking
his e-mail by his request while he's away on business and didn't bother to
change the profile. (I'm lazy, what can I say?) He doesn't like to play
clue anyway, more of a trivial pursuit kinda guy.
(who is still in Chris' that like him wearing my...well,
never mind, way more info y'all want...)

"One thing I can give George W. Bush, he is at least smarter
than anyone who voted for him."


So you can see, her "apology" came about only after TWO people(Laurie
and Juba) realized that "Nat"(Jillian's resurrected name) had
re-morphed into "Mary Elizabeth". Her talk of her "nephews" is suspect
at best. Many people, on hearing of Jillian's death, had wanted to
send flowers and cards, and even attend the funeral, if possible. Her
"son" wouldn't allow this, and when Rack Jite realized that "Nat" who
appeared a few months after the "funeral", she begged him to believe
her. Coming to this group between "Jillian's" death, and "Nat"'s
arrival, I never put the two together, and thought Rack was being
inexplicably cruel. But later, I heard other rumors, and read the
archives, deciding to reserve judgment.

Now, I've heard from someone's post on another group, that "Mary
Elizabeth" was actually Jillian's "husband". We are dealing with an
extremely dysfunctional family, a very sick woman, or both!

"Nat" returned, not posting, but long enough to delete "Mary"'s posts;
I suspect that she has already re-morphed, but am giving her the
benefit of the doubt. I just hope she can get the help she needs.

Hope I haven't confused you even more, but its a complicated issue to
begin with!