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Buy the way until Actiq I had 1 cavity in my life and the same Dentist
for 20 years. He was shocked when he saw my teeth. Also Caphalon
added a warning for diabetics because of the sugar. This warning was
not there either. I Guess Cephalon saw some problem, because just as
they applied at a later date to include a dental warning they did the
same with a sugar/diabetic warning. It was Too little too late. That
was/is the problem as well as off label marketing.

Many drugs are used for off label purposes. Why should YOU care if someone gets relief they couldnt get elsewhere and only gets it thru off label use of a drug? Ive said it before & I'll say it again, if this drug costs me ALL of my teeth, I DONT CARE! I'd rather have the relief that I get from nuthin else than I would prefer to have money.

You DO know that if you successfully sue a company that youll have to sign an agreement to NEVER use that med again, right? Which means if it did give you relief, and ya wanna use it again, YOU CANT (well, you can, but youll have to pay the company back every penny they paid to you!)

Suzan Lind2@xxxxxxxx I'm not sure while you are being vile and mean to
each other? Isn't this a SUPPORT group? I am not trying to suck
money/ just right a wrong.

Then why dontcha just take whatever it costs to get yerself a set of dentures or whatever you need to fix yer teeth and donate the rest to those suffering from extreme poverty in a third world country? But it sounds like workers comp already has taken care of that, so the ONLY purpose for the lawsuit against Cephalon would be to get yerself allot of money in the bank.

And before ya criticize the ppl of this ng for their behavior, just remember that when, on one hand, yer posting post something calling ppl paranoid, on the other hand, ya criticize em for being vile & mean to each other, it proves yer as much a part of the problem as those yer lecturing to.

Personally I would like to know how the hell she A) ran up a
six-figure dental bill, and B) is planning on paying it (unless of
course it is with the proceeds from a suit). I also happen to think
she doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of prevailing in a suit.

Well, she coulda had an entire set of fancy veneers, caps, etc. done instead of numerous other much less expensive procedures done, and she cant just pick out the most expensive remedy and expect someone ELSE to pay it!

This suit, IMO, is no differnt than the guy who sued McDonalds for getting fat! In order for her to prevail, she'd have to prove that Actiq was her ONLY source of sugar in that time period!

Did she eat no Hersheys, no Frosted Flakes, no Snickers in that time period? How 'bout orange juice? Thats got sugars & acids thatll mess w/yer teeth? Lemonade? Just cuz these suckers were prescribed doesnt make em any more liable to pay for her dental bills than the makers of Tootsie Pops! And if by some freak chance she won, wouldnt it open up every candy company on the planet to lawsuits for tooth decay too? I can see it now...every freakin candy bar with warning boxes about tooth decay on em just like pack of smokes--and if the kid is too little to read, he cant buy the thing.

Susan needs to get a real big grip on reality. She KNEW she was sticking sugar in her mouth, and if she questioned the ingredient that made them sweet, she coulda called Cephalon, cuz theyve ALWAYS had a 800 number to call for medical questions! You can even call for safety kits inluding childproof cabinet locks and even a special bottle w/a childproof cap to dispose of the sticks with when done. Cephalon has gone above & beyond to make sure no ones questions go unanswered, so I have no doubt that theyll fight this lawsuit tooth & nail--pun intended--cuz they havent done anything wrong and they arent gonna pay out $ to get her outta their hair cuz it would set a dangerous precedent! I cant imagine ANY jury ever finding in her favor when things like advancing age can have a huge impact on teeth!

This appears more like someone wanted to fix up their teeth in the way movie stars do it and wants someone else to foot the bill. Cuz the only way ANYONE can run up a six figure dental bill is by getting procedures done that the average guy on the street just does not need no matter what screwed up their teeth. Cmon Susan, no ones that gullible, and no drug company is gonna pay for yer stupidity and greed, cuz theres just no way that you shoulda had a six figure dental bill unless you got procedures that werent really necessary. Its not that expensive to just yank yer teeth and make you a set of dentures!

This reminds me of the trial of one of the Hillside Stranglers in the 80s. Angelo Buono developed a toothache during the trial (one of several bush league attempts he made to stall the trial), and the state-appointed and state paid dentist determined that Buono needed all kinds of fancy dental work done including a root canal, cap, etc. that could take a week or longer to do and would delay the trial! Somehow someone got this dentist aside and got him to realize that EACH DAY the trial was delayed for these largely unnecessary procedures was costing the state tens of thousands of dollars! The next day Buono was back in court, minus one tooth. The dentist had just pulled it. After that, the detectives all hoped that next time Buono complained of pain, it'd be in his balls.