Re: Steve Herborn aka ZombyWoof

Juba wrote:
OneTiredGrandma <OneTiredGrandma@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message:

They try so hard to sound so tough, when in
reality they are still the wimps they have always been,

i.e. little Stevie running to the police and falsely claiming he was threatened, just because Tony Fraticelli offered to go man to man with him. That was a big threat alright--to Stevie's ego. LOLOL

still have no
friends and still slobber all over themselves if someone pays them
any attention. They crave attention so bad, even the negative
responses are welcomed.

LC in a NUTshell--pun intended.

Everyone does have the right to free speech.....but we aren't
obligated in any way to read or respond to their overly inflated
egotistical, barbaric behavior. It only gives them a glimmer of hope
that someone really pays them any attention at all.

It's what they live for.

You have the right to have any number of websites you want. LC and
others are not obligated to visit those sites, but they just can't
help themselves. They have no idea that with their behavior they
direct more people to your sites than your sig line does. Big mouth,
small brain. :)

They whine, because they care. It's so sweet. :-)

Gee, I coulda sworn Kenny Padgett JUST posted that he wasnt gonna stoop to this level! So much for his promises.