Re: Pain management doctor in NYC area

Mary <emilyb0201@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message:

Thanks . I will check that out. I was hoping to get some specific
names of doctors that are known to be good at what they do.

I know you were, but I saw your message sitting there unanswered.

I know
that picking from a list is a hit and miss. But I appreciate the link.

You can check prospects here:

And I've found that you can glean a lot of information just by calling
the office and talking to the nurse or receptionist. My usual first
question is, "Does the doctor have any problem with prescribing opiates
for chronic pain?" That always gets an honest answer and it weeds out a
lot of doctors who either won't prescribe opiates under any
circumstances or whose "gatekeepers" are unduly suspicious.

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