Re: My (audult) daughter

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 00:48:15 GMT, Navy1 <medical23FISHkidoo@xxxxxxxxx>

I agree that you should have been at the meeting. So often, though,
people seem to treat our generation and my mom's as children. My
prayers are for you. When you move to NC, wave across the border to
me in Columbia, South Carolina.

If I understand what Gus has written on this topic on several
occasions, these people were planning an intervention. They believed
his "Pain Medications" were the cause, not a symptom.

It is not common to invite the intended victim to the planning
session. Otherwise how could they talk about him behind his back.
They weren't open to dissenting comments. It was their way or the
highway. He is lucky he got out before they were able to bring in
their "Chief" brain-washer.

What is surprising (to me at least) is that they were part of a pretty
"mainstream" religion as opposed to a "cult" Although an awful lot
of "mainstream" religions are a very small baby step away from "cult"
status (IMHO). Again this is if my understanding is correct. I could
be way off-base, but I don't think so.

Only way to beat terrorist is to use terrorist tactics...set traps, snipers.
No amount of conventional warfare will work...