Re: the pain of reading

a kill file is a very good choice pengie

be well


pengie wrote:

> Shame on you people. You all act as if you are playing children's games.
> This newsgroup was set up for the support for those in pain. It was meant
> to help those with question about pain. It was meant to be a place where
> like minded individuals can share their experiences and give others the
> extra shoulder needed to bare the weight of a chronic condition that leaves
> us feeling like we are in a constant downward spiral. I have lurked in this
> group for years and have found many posts to be helpful. Post have helped
> me find answers to the questions about pain and ways to treat it. The posts
> have also shown me that I am not alone in the world with my pain. Every now
> and then, war breaks out in this support group. The two sides play their
> dirty tactics in public for all of us to see. One side will make a remark
> designed to enrage the other side and the rest of us must deal with weeks of
> flame wars. We all came here for support. No one cares about the childish
> spat. Even if one side starts to move in a direction in an attempt to move
> beyond such childish games, the other side can not leave well enough alone
> and makes every attempt to draw side 1 back into the flame war. There are a
> few that have nothing intelligent to say except for negative comments that
> only make them look unintelligent and hardly makes their case more valid.
> Instead it makes them look childish with no real argument. Also present are
> fellow members of this support group who see it fit to be there to fan the
> fire with smug comments. These members do not take sides but are only there
> to see that the war continues so that they might find some morsel of
> pleasure in their pathetic lives. The rest of the group should ignore both
> factions. By ignoring them, they might realize that the world doesn't
> revolve around them and their comments. One reason these people are
> involved in these petty games is because they have no other source where
> they can be the center of attention. When they realize that they are no
> longer the center of attention, they might decide to final put to rest this
> silly charade. Of course, both sides will try to use this post to justify
> their means, but that again will only be part of their plan to be the center
> of attention and to trap this group in their game. Both sides have gone to
> the extent of using illegal activities to hurt the others. Why is it
> necessary to cause more pain and stress to those who already have to suffer?
> Both sides have used tactics to recruit others into their world of low
> self-esteem. When will these factions realize that the rest of the group
> neither cares nor wants anything to do with this squabble? My advice to the
> sufferers of these constant attacks from these two factions is to set up a
> kill file so that the group will be rid of these children of chaos and
> support can once again be found in a group where it is needed the most.
> Thank you,CG