Re: You Can Tell by His Assumptions...

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>> This individual has been stalking Jite for 20 years and you just
>> validated one of his attacks. Shame on you for being selfish and/or
>> thoughtless. And now "usual suspects" will rush to your defense with
>> the usual
>> bullshit. They'll tell you what you want to hear. Lap it up Cabbi.
>> --
>> Juba
> Dear Juba,
> I've tried to keep up with all the PC BS, but life is too short.
> This is not my fight. When I have one, I hope I don't expect anyone
> to back my "side" based on issues that do not effect their lives.
> Think of me as an Independent.
> I'm sorry if that bothers you, but I'm not running for anything and
> do not need your vote.
> Regards,
> Cabbi

You characterize the criminal stalking perpetrated by Morton over a
20-year period against Jite as "PC BS" and a "fight." And you
characterize my appeal to for some measure of common decency from you as
an attempt to get you to take "sides."

Shame on you.