Re: Juba, Call the cops

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No, I don't think your mind goes that far into vulgardom. :)

Gigglz wrote:
> Gee, "Me's" post didn't even show UP on my list of posts. Must be
> meant-to-be, huh?
> I can only imagine what IT had to say this time.
> G
> On Thu, 11 Aug 2005 21:36:38 GMT, Muy Groso <rackjite@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> >This is a reply to Me <Me@xxxxxxxxxx> who probably wont like
> >what I have to say.:
> >
> >>me
> >
> >This foul squealing sockpuppet sure takes the cake! :)
> >Intrinsically as horrible as Mouse and Ruada and as stupid
> >as Loose Cannon. No wonder this particular regular user is
> >hiding anonymously, i.e., sockepuppet.
> >
> >Hemingway, the gist of it is that because Juba did something
> >once long ago, that the enemies of Juba (and I and Sue and
> >Codeee) can do whatever they want as much as they want as
> >long as they want to any and all of us! :)
> >
> >Juba did indeed drive off the worst thing that ever hit this
> >place. THE MOUSE. An over medicated nastyass bitch who was
> >here only to police this place and cause as much trouble as
> >she could: talk about amecalling, and netcopping, and
> >squealing and general foul mouthed havoc... Wow...
> >And the skeleton in her closet, which most know about, was
> >never used, but probably the reason she quit the place...
> >Well other than perhaps being this sockpuppet. :)
> >
> >
> >---
> >"One thing I can give George W. Bush, he is at least smarter
> > than anyone who voted for him."