Re: OT? change to cooking was info please

Oh, we do use a George Foreman Grill, but only for steaks and chops.
My Mom still makes the best burgers on the stove. We tried the GF
Grill and they were pretty good, but they have to be thick enough to
grill properly. Since we don't make very big patties, normally, it
would be a case of "Where's the beef?"

We also use the Crockpot quite often.

Ahem, my GF Grill doesn't have a screen in it to watch it cook, but
it's very tasty watching it drip.


On Wed, 20 Jul 2005 17:25:44 GMT, "Ronnie" <rnvn@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Have you ever thought of investing in something like a Ronco or the Geo.
>that you can cook the whole dinner at the same time? Then you can sit and
>it cook like at tv picture :-)
>"Navy1" <medical23FISHkidoo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> <clip>
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>> >> Hubby is making a delicious dinner right now!! Yum!!
>> >
>> >Oooh, no fair. I'm jellous (I know it's spelled wrong). I'm supposed
>> >to cook here, but the RA has been a major pain (no pun intended), and I
>> >can't stand up.
>> >
>> >I fix something for him to heat up when he gets home, then sit down,
>> >then put something else on to cook, then sit down. The knees are
>> >hatin' me today!
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>> >Smokie Darling (Annie)
>> Me, too, most of the time. Just got my third shot of Hyalgan, so am
>> hoping. Of course, that doesn't fix the back that flares if I stand
>> for over 5-10 minutes. Since I retired, I've wanted to do some more
>> cooking than the tired old standards. I've even tried a few new ones,
>> you know, chicken with wine, etc. I try to look for ones that will
>> enable me to do it in stages and sit down in between. Anybody know of
>> a site that caters to us sit-downers?
>> Loujean