Re: just to let you all know

It was ten years before we had our first child. They had to put me on one
of those medicines, I think it was clomiphin (sp?) I've been there,
watching other people with babies, holding other people's babies, and
refusing to watch any sitcom with babies in it. It does hurt. I'm sorry
that it will be difficult to do it. I'm sending prayers your way.

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"StrangeDiva" <stranged@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Squirrely wrote:

yeah I know, I wish I could be there to help you both out more too. It
really rips me that I can't.

I know you and I know you are going to do a so much better job than she
ever did. I am glad you got put in that position. Hopefully someone
doesn't go back on that when she tries to come back.

I know and I know too how much that car means to him. I wish it would go
right for him for a change.

I am so sorry to hear about the PCOS and I know there is alot to deal
with with that from what I have been hearing and reading up on it. It is
not going to be easy but then nothing has for you for years with all
these chronic issues you have been dealt and at such a young age too.

you take care and hang in there.

I'm hangin' in as best I can.. I left for work this morning at 9 am and
just got home and it's 10 pm.. it's been a rather long day and a bit
overwhelming for me. After things being tense for one thing or another and
getting yelled at and berated by a customer I lost it for a few mins
around closing time.

The thing i'm dealing with the PCOS is the amount of frustration of not
being able to have children. I want kids so badly and it's going to be
extremely difficult to do so. I don't know "A"'s thoughts on it after I
told him, really don't know if he's actually dealing with it or not. Guess
people just figure if I get off all the necessary medications I'll be
fine. It's not the case. I've accepted it and I'm in the stage of being
angry about it so it will be a few days more before I fully accept the
entire thing but I'm trying..

I'm so mentally drained at this point I don't think I could think of more