Re: A new start

oh Kelly I sure hope this works out for you and I will be praying it does.

Oh how cool about your nephew. He sure sounds like a winner and as you said
he gets it more than most adults do. Give him a squeeze for me and tell him
how proud I am of him.

Love and hugs to all
Love Squirrely Jo

Well I made a courageous for me step today. I wrote up a proposal to
teach a weekend quilting class with my girlfriend using a quilting pattern
that I designed by myself. Arlene has made a sample and it can easily be
done in a day by a confident beginner. It is a mystery class so no one
will know what the pattern is until finished.

So wish me luck. I will know the end of October and yes they will be
paying us. It will be taught in June at our local guild retreat. A
really big step for me as I had to learn to design it on my computer
software, write the proposal, figure out yardage etc.

Even if we don't get chosen it has been something I needed to do. We have
asked for $250.00 a day between the 2 of us and room and board for the
weekend. Should be in the money ballpark.

Fingers crossed - it has given me something to take my mind off my
problems. They are still there but more manageable after venting.

I am off to Seattle on Sunday to look after my 6 year old nephew. Should
be fun as he is in school and day care so I can do the thrift stores,
quilt, putter in the garden and do a little shopping while he is away at
school. My brother will be around but working. On the Sunday that I leave
I am driving my son and his girlfriend back to Vancouver on my way home.
And we will shop of course. So lots of rest, painkillers, and I will have
a good week I hope. Kyle is so helpful around me - to the point that he
automatically goes to get my shoes before we go anywhere and makes sure i
have my cane handy. He is always asking if maybe we shouldn't sit on a
bench and watch people for a bit (his way of saying is it rest time?).
Since he has grown up with me and this disease it is just automatic. How
cool is that as my son would say? If only all adults could be that

So if I am not around the internet that will be where i will be. Just
wanted to share my news. Fingers crossed - I really would love to do