Re: OTP? Back in the water

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I was back in the pool today! Hooray!! It felt SO good. I behaved myself
and only spent 10 minutes there....walking in the shallows and only a
slow, gentle lap. Emotionally I feel 100% better. Physically...well, it
hurts all over. LOL I'm making myself hold to only one day a week for
awhile until my body gets the idea that this is going to happen whether it
wants it or not. During the other days I do a gentle "Sweatin' to the
Oldies" with Richard Simmons. I let him and his class go at their pace and
do their thing while I gently just dance and move. Feels good to get the
blood pumping.


Honey, it ain't OTP. Not for you and not on this group. We all know it
means a great deal more to you than just a few minutes in a pool.

Thinking happy thoughts. Happy dancing maybe later.


Ya know???,,,, you are right. Very much on topic.