Re: Our MIA Kate-Update

thanks again Diane for the update. Prayers coming for Kate that all goes
well and a miracle happens.

Love and hugs to all
Love Squirrely
"Diane" <dcham@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
the latest from Kate:

most things of late seem to take so much energy and go so slowly. not
complaining, just facing what is--i'm actually glad to be back home.
it's just gonna take awhile for me to eventually figure out how this is
going impact my normal way of doing things in the long run. last month my
surgeon told me this leg may never heal at all or if it does, it won't
heal completely--and that has me wondering today (i know i'm a bit slow
on getting the entire meaning of whatever is said sometimes). been
wondering if that also means longterm or forever severe to moderate pain
in that thigh, knee and hip, too. but i do tend to be impatient, as
always, and want to move on. i've never known what my hurry was, but it
just seems to be me.

thank you for cluing asa in for me. suddenly, i'm getting a bunch
of sweet cards from asa. can't help but smile and feel the love,
caring and kindness in each of them. . . . if you would be so kind,
do ask people to send me their numbers. it's the pits to have a cell
and not the numbers i need in it.

i keep wanting to get back on asa, but my energy levels and my ability
to focus is so limited, temporarily i think/hope.<<

thank you to all who sent her cards!



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