Re: SJ

We appreciate the prayers.

Jim is coping, with the job and being so busy he doesn't have much time to
dwell on it. That is a good thing.

He is working 4 - 10's and 1 - 8 and then there is 2 hrs travel time each
way. So not much time for anything else, work, eat, sleep, and so on for
those days. Then on weekends he has to do all the running I can't do.

Drs. already know that I can't afford stuff and they don't seem to listen. I
tell them right up front.

I will find out about blood tests and see which is the most important.

Love and Hugs to all
Jo the squirrely one
I am nuts about you.

Keeping you and yours in my prayers, SJ. it's good to hear that Jim found
decent temp job & hopefully that will continue. How is he coping with the
loss of his mom?

And I hope you can find a way to get help with your medical needs. Call
doctor's office and explain to them that you can't afford this testing and
see if they have any guidance. i know all too well how dificult it is to
virtual strangers know how bad your financial situation is, but i have
many doctors' offices are helpful in finding resources. I'm glad I didn't
have to go without good insurance for as long as you haave.

And an afterthought - maybe you can at least find out which blood test he
thinks is most vital and se if you can afford that one if not the others.