Re: Anxiety --- to ALL of ASA

"DeeTee and Bob Taggart" <ke3iu_nospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Bob tells people that I get more real support from my ASA friends than
from family and church combined. LOL He's right in oh, so many ways. You
people are phenomenal and I love you each. You are mentioned in my
prayers - sometimes by name - always as a group.


and that is the way I am and see it. I do not have to tell you for you to
be prayed for. I do not have to understand all there is to your problems
for you to be prayed for. I do expect God to know and understand the
people I pray for and the problems they live with. We all are just
children of God that need help and understanding. I know that God knows
who someone's child is and problems teach us more than we understand now
but with time we can find peace about anything with God.


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