Re: A different kind of roll call for 2007

Sorry, I'm not qualified for this one. All I would do is sit around reading
books ;-) Nanny
"Kelly C." <kellydotcobbatgmaildotcom> wrote in message
Do we have an acitivites director yet? What are your hobbies/interests?
Whatever they are, there's room for them. This clubhouse is infinitely

Kelly C.

"RhondaM" <wood89@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am a little late..but I am not sure where I fit in...hmmmm....**thinking
hard** not sure how I can contribute to the group here...
"d'huit" <threecedars1@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
it's been so long, i've forgotten who does/is what. name and claim your
official title in the asa sandbox/clubhouse for 2007 (and describe your
duties, if you wish).

ie. -

official pool man inspector - kate (that'd be me).

my official duties include: making sure he is properly
attired--that his tank top color goes well with his tan and his cut-offs
just-so; making sure his form fits function; oh, and making sure he does
great job of cleaning the pool when he leans out over the pool's edge
the long poled skimmer. ô¿ô