Re: Roll call for lurkers

Hello Aina,
I remember you! glad to see you are still around-

Aina Nilsen wrote:
<shenmei9wise@xxxxxxxxx> skrev i melding
So I have been thinking about how small this roll call was this year
compared to previous years (or at least previous years sans 2006).
Let's try a lurkers roll call and see if we can bring people out of the
bushes. If you are lurking because you are a newbie, jus't don't think
you have enough equity to post, hands hurt to much to write much, or
for whatever other reason you might have, this would be a good time to
check in-just a name is fine if you don't feel like writing or write as
much as you like.

For people who just read and don't post (my role in a skating newsgroup
and the FM newsgroup), please consider this not just an invitation but
a favor to all of us to check in. The more members we have as a
newsgroup equals more support, more info, more connection. You don't
have to provide a last name or even a "real" name; just let us know
you're here.

Still lurking here in Norway, Europe, as well. The RA is pretty active at
the moment, but with an understand boss I still work 100% and do not feel to

the lurker in Norway