Re: Blessings

We can see your smile all the way up here in Bellingham, WA :-)))

You know, when I first moved to Washington and couldn't find a job, a friend told me not to worry and that the universe would provide. I kind of poo-poo'd him at the time, but he was right. Something always came along and somehow I got my rent paid, got food, and got all the bills paid. I had to learn how to ask for help, which is something I was not used to doing. I'm also an Aries and we are very independent. But I learned, and even now when I was moving, I had to admit that I couldn't do it all alone and that I needed help. And when people offered, I said "yes, please!" instead of trying to do it all alone.

I know how it feels to be able to pay the bills, SJ. And yes, there are blessings :) I'm really happy for you!


Squirrely wrote:

We have been blessed.

Jim got paid and he got more than we were expecting. It was one of the checks that they never paid him in April. So that was added money we didn't know we would have.

then his parents sent us the check for rent and bills for the month. We didn't even ask them. I had rent covered for this month but knew we would not make it for next months rent and monthly bills. That was a blessing in itself. No lecture.

So now I can pay this months bills, give the dentist their money down and get billed monthly for the rest. Then I will have money for rent and Julys monthy bills.

So prayers are being answered.

Also today I was able to take 2 so far and hope to be able to take another 1 at bedtime Antib's also got one in last night. So that is a blessing. These antib's have to be taken with food. When I have the Big D, I can't eat or drink anything but pedialyte or it makes it worse. So I feel today has been an added blessing. I was worried about not being able to take them the other day. I have like 3 days of the bladder antib left. Tonight Jim has to go get the other antib that the dentist is giving me.

Also the other box of my checks showed up in the mail finally so I know they were not stolen out of our mailbox. Another relief there.

Just sharing with you all because the prayres are working and I hope they keep working.

Oh also got an appt with county finally to see a regular dr on July 10th. So I will be able to hopefully get the meds I am running out of and maybe be able to get the others I really need for the adrenal stuff and thyroid.

Can you see my smile. It is a great one. ;-)