Re: Humira Users?

Rosanne said:
I've been on Humira for about a year. The first couple of injections, I
thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was almost pain free, could
stride across a room like I hadn't been able to do in years. I really felt

Oh my gosh! What I wouldn't give to feel pain free!

However, that didn't last too long, less than a month maybe. I am not
even sure now that I am getting any benefit from it. I am going to
discuss getting off of it because I do think the risks are outweighing
the benefits at this point.

Wow, that's not very long at all. But I do agree with you that the risks
outweigh the benefits if you're still having problems. It's really scarey
stuff, especially the lymphoma risk.

I have not had any side effects except a whopping injection site burning
and swelling. I called the company and they gave some good advice
that really worked. I ice the site for 15 minutes before the shot and
the shot out of the refrigerator for 15 min before I inject it. It cut the
reaction in half and now I really don't get it at all but I am still icing
taking the shot out early. I won't tempt fates. Use the 800 number with
questions, they were so kind and helpful.

Good info to know. Thanks.

I also take mtx, plaquenil, low dose prednisone. My hair is thin on the
crown, but it has actually gotten straighter...I have always had curly,
wavy hair. Strange thing.

Definitely strange! This hair thing really has me snockered. So I guess
whatever you normally had, it goes completely opposite. Strange indeed.
Good luck to you. It really is worth a try.

Thanks for the info Rosanne.