Re: OTP: I think I am finally back

Wishing you all that are unpacking and moving in lots of luck. I hope none
of you flare because of it.

Diane, I hope you and John areboth doing well soon.

I am going to write you later on reading your books. If I ever get a chance
to finish writing stuff. Am behind because of all the storms.

Hugs, prayers, good thoughts,
Warm fuzzies, TLC, and Love
Squirrely Jo

We have unpacked all we are going to. How are you two doing?
Duckie <<

we are grand. . . but still not unpacked. we need built-in bookshelves
and since i'm currently without a contract, we're afraid to spend the
$$. so we have a gazillion boxes of books in the garage. and all the
cds and stuff still in boxes as we wait for the "media wall" to be
built (a couple more months). and all my wall art is still in boxes.
john is working in a whole new direction in his art photography and
we're waiting to redo the living room before hanging any of it. so a
lot of wait, wait, wait. and RA run amok at the top dose of remicade,
and john's crohns acting up. aren't you glad you asked?? but we're both
very happy and love NC.

how are your neighbors? how do you like CA?