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On Fri, 13 Jan 2006 2:40:23 -0500, Jo Firey wrote
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> Any place but this group I'd think you were daft being eager for surgery.

lol, only here and with my family did i let on how excited i was about this.
no one else would truly understand, they'd get all worried and concerned.

meanwhile, i'd forgotten just how good-looking dr wroblewski is in person -
and nice to boot! good thing mike's been nice to and appreciative of me
lately lol <weg>

all went fine surgically. he said there was a little less inflammation and a
little more arthritis than he'd expected from the films - both he and my rd
thought there was less joint erosion than there actually was, though it was
mostly on one side of the joint. he cleaned out the inflammation and also
removed a small bone spur no one knew was there.

now i'm bandaged, splinted, iced (20 min. each hour while awake) and mostly
left-handed for awhile. oh and he put in a nerve block so it wouldn't hurt
too much for a while - right now there left thumb hurts more than th
operated-on one does.

one rn has a daughter who just started enbrel for psoriasis and very, very
early pa so we talked some about that. they found the pa during a workup to
get insurance approval for enbrel for the severe ps, so she's getting good
treatment for the pa right at the beginning.

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