Re: It is out!

Good for you, you go girl. I knew you could overcome this. I hope you keep
getting better each day till you are back to your usual self or even better
than that. ;-)

I know you still have a way to go, and I am still keeping the prayers going.
You take care and don't push yourself too much.

I can feel your relief in this post and that is good to hear.

Love and hugs to all
Good thoughts coming your way too.

Squirrely Jo

> Only my dear friends here would understand but my catheter is out!!!!! One
> more step for me and less bitching to the nurse staff and my family and
> friends. I am now intermittently catheterizing which quite frankly is a
> hell of a lot less work than the catheter was. Who would figure.
> So progress! i am getting Pat and Ken to take back the wheelchair on
> Monday and the bars on the toilet. I don't think I need them. Only the
> walker and I have started using my cane around the house - don't dare do
> that outside though.
> Thanks everyone - knew people would understand here! Progress.
> Kelly