Re: ***Those with careful--TIP OVER!!

Bonnie Brien wrote:
I tipped over and out of my older Optiway  (FORTRESS) scooter.  I got it
in 2000

I figure that the floor of THAT scooter is narrow....

I was reaching for a sweatshirt.......the whole scooter tipped over!   I
landed in clothing---next to me was the phone

9-1-1-   HELP!

The fire deptartment had to rescue me--as I was pinned between the
scooters on one side and clothing (and a table) on the other.....I
couldn't move or reach the scooters or move them.....the paramedics came
to my aid  moved the scoots outta the way and got me upright.

I am all right..............was not hurt

Just be careful when reaching for anything while sitting on/in  your

You may tip over---if your scoot floor is narrow


My newer one has a WIDER floor. It is a Pace Saver III by Leisure
Lift,,,,,,,,,no tip overs YET!


Was it a three wheeler or a four wheeler?

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