Lori Varela Memorial Holiday Card Exchange

This is the almost last call to participate in this year' s card
exchange. So far we have only twelve names. If you would like to
participate, please send your snail mail addy to me at rosab.1@xxxxxxx
I had said that I would send out the list this coming Wednesday so
that there was time to do the cards.

We now have many MIAs. If you hear from Firechief or any of the
others, please ask them if they would like their names added to the

I know I always look forward to receiving these cards, and this year I
have even purchased a special card hanger. It will still be great fun
even with just a few of us, but it would be extra fun if more were to
participate as well.

For those who have given my their addys- I have been adding them as
they come in so it will be a simple matter to send it out on Wednesday
evening. How bout if I say 8pm PST Wednesday Nov 23rd?

Rose @}>->--
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