Re: blood tests

"Gwen Love" <cglghl@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> David, many folks on this NG have had wonderful results from taking milk
> thistle (standardized) to keep their liver function normal. Some have had
> it return to normal after beng high. I take two meds that are hard on the
> liver so I take milk thistle daily.
> Gwen
> "david dunbar" <SANDYDOG17@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:uaidnWZn4J9snfbeRVn-qA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> I just got the results from my latest blood tests and my ALT [liver
>> enzymes] are high .The AST and Alk are within range and all the other
>> measurements are fine.I have PA and am just taking diclofenic.Any ideas
>> from you folks?

Hi,,,, If your doctor is set on the medicine you need to take to handle
your immune system, by all means try milk thistle to improve the results on
your blood tests.
If your doctor is changing the medicine you take because of your liver
enzyme reading and you already taking milk thistle,,,, the doctor is not
making a correctly informed decision if the doc does not know about milk
thistle and what it does and that you have been taking it.
I have used it twice with the purpose of lowering my enzyme readings
and it did the job. By the way, other things can cause high liver enzyme
readings. I had a high reading after having a bad case of the flu.